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EPCC Services

Loss Prevention

Safety systems are essential to any Oil & Gas facility. Since safety is our first priority, it is equally important to have a strong handle on such safeguarding systems for these facilities. This discipline includes fire and gas, active fire protections (fire water, foam, etc.), passive fire protections, hazardous area classifications, and others.

  • Specifications for F&G Equipment
  • Specifications for Firefighting Equipment (Active / Passive)
  • Fire Water Demand Calculations
  • Fire Water P&Id's
  • Fire Water equipment layout
  • Fire Water Piping GA's
  • Fire Water Piping ISO's
  • Datasheets for F&G equipment
  • Datasheets for Fire Fighting equipment
  • F&G Schedule
  • F&G Cable Block Diagram
  • F&G Instrument Cable Schedule
  • I/O Schedules F&G System
  • F&G Detector Layout Outdoor/Indoor
  • Loop Drawings (F&G)
  • F&G Cause & Effect Chart
  • Source of release Table for Hazardous Area Classification
  • Hazardous Area Classification Layout
  • Flare Radiation/Noise Calculations