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Instrumentation and Control

Since most of facilities are controlled via electronic instrumented systems, it is important that Didaktik stays up to date with the new and different instrumentation and control systems. High reliability is required in this field and is extremely important to Didaktik so we can to ensure safety and availability of the systems.

Services include:

  • Instrument specifications
  • Design Basis and Control Narratives
  • System specifications (DCS, ESD, F&G, BMS)
  • System I/O Schedules
  • Instrument Datasheets
  • Instrument Cable block Diagram
  • Instrument Schedule
  • Cable Schedule
  • JB Schedule
  • Alarm and Trip Schedule
  • Instrument Mounting Details
  • Process & Pneumatic Tubing details
  • Instrument / JB Location Layout
  • Instrument Earthing Diagram
  • Instrument Cable Routing Layout Outdoor
  • Instrument Cable Routing Layout Indoor
  • Equipment / Control Room layouts
  • Instrumentation Termination Drawings
  • Loop Drawings
  • E & I Interface Drawings