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Engineering Education


To face the acute shortage of skilled labour in the industrial world and increasing demands for higher qualifications on the job, more and more national and international attention is being focused on the dual system of vocational training and education. This is an educational system based on practical, hands-on training in industry combined with studying the corresponding theory in a vocational college. Our educationally designed teaching systems for vocational training are precisely geared to meet the technological challenges facing the industry.

Targeting students and professionals in the technical training sector, our subsidiary Didaktik Engineering Werks focuses on the design and building of laboratory equipment, pilot plants and process development plants for educational and research purposes. We expect to be challenged, whether it is a full-fledged oil and gas training facility or a mini-steam power plant lab project, and providing engineering solutions that deliver results along the way.

Our equipment is integrated with a state-of-the-art process control training system. The units feature multiple standard control systems including Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), SCADA and Distributed Control System (DCS). The units can also be connected to a range of industry standard communication and automation protocols including HART, Foundation, Fieldbus, Profibus and Wireless depending on clients' request.

With our wide range of products; Colleges, Universities, Training Centres as well as companies have implemented our equipment into their syllabus as part of their teaching methods; to teach individuals technical and workplace skills ranging from entry level basic technical skills to advanced technology troubleshooting for both degree and certification preparation. We are proud to have supplied and installed our equipment in Malaysia and in export markets around the world.

Didaktik essentially builds anything from a smaller standalone training system designed to simulate the control features of various processes, to SAPP's allowing for self-assembly and disassembly, to miniaturised modular SKIDS that mimic industrial processing plants able to fit into educational institutions and industrial R&D laboratories. We are very flexible in adapting to different needs and so are able to customise these units according to clients' demands. We use safe and non-corrosive process medium allowing trainees to effectively learn from the interaction of industrial equipment, taking advantage of the hands-on experience rather than hours of theoretical classes, preparing them to be knowledgeable in their field in the workforce.

Our innovative solutions enable us to design and develop miniaturised full-scale industrial processing plants to fit into Educational Institutions and Industrial R&D laboratories, with an exceptional level of quality and an unmatched engineering precision.

All equipment is fully documented for quality assurance and after-sales service, and comes with an extended two-year warranty. Please ask for detailed information.