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Careers at Didaktik

Work for a vibrant, exciting International company. We're looking for fresh talent as we pride ourselves on sourcing and developing local workforce. However, we also recognise that the oil and gas industry is global in nature and that to continue delivering world-class projects we must continue to source the best talent from around the world.

We are the best of both worlds; industry and education solution provider. Our team comprises of technologies experts, engineers, designers, contractors, consultants, trainers and syllabus developers. We provide total engineering solution for energy industries; Oil & Gas (downstream and upstream), Power Generation, Petro-chemical etc. We also provide complete engineering solutions to all principles in the industries, i.e. process engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation & control engineering with a broad and expanding portfolio of high technology product and knowledge.

In education, we are proud of the role that we continue to play today; in providing solutions to bring the industrial technologies into the academic world, and to reduce the gap difference between the industries and academic world. As the current energy industry focuses on hard-to-extract oil and gas, professional at all levels need to acquire fresh skill sets and understanding of new technology. We offer in-depth, customised programs designed to bring energy industry particularly in oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy faster.